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SAM7 Microcontroller module eNet-sam7X

The eNet-sam7X module was designed as easy drop-in ARM7 module and allows you a money and time saving integration of ethernet and usb interfaces along with a powerfull SAM7 microcontroller into your project.
Versatile interfacing options will meet all your needs. The integrated Micro-SD slot allows easy memory extension and makes the module the ideal solution for data logging, control and measurement tasks. Using the embedded webserver option allows an easy integration of modern user interfaces into your device.
Data encryption is very important in the industrial context. The integrated hardware encryption acceleration for AES and 3DES encryption makes the eNet-sam7X module the ideal solution for security appliances.
The module is designed as 64 pin DIP module which allows easy drop-in into every application. All unused processor signals are available at pin headers and may be used freely.

The module is available in two assembly variants (Basic, PRO). For details see the "Ordering information".


CPUAtmel SAM7: AT91SAM7XC512 with PLL up to 55 Mhz
Memory128K RAM, 512K Flash
Ethernet Interface10/100MBit, Auto MDIX possible
USBUSB 2.0 device, Mini USB connector on board (optional), extern connection possible
USARTs2 flexible USARTS (RS232, RS485, IrDA, ISO7816 as well as Manchester Encoding)
Debug UART1 seperate debug UART
CAN-BusCAN 2.0B compatible
DMA17 Channel DMA
RTCIntegrated RTC with optional battery backup
SPI and I2C / TWITwo SPI bussed with auto chipselect, one I2C bus
A/D ConverterFree programmable 8 channel / 10 Bit A/D converter
I/O63 I/O Pins, 43 of them are availble at the module pin header
EncryptionHardware crypto unit for AES and 3DES
Memory extensionOptional: Micro-SD Slot on board as well as 4 MB Dataflash, external SD/MMC socket is possible
BootloaderMask-programmed USB bootloader. Further bootloaders (e.g. TFTP, x/y modem, etc.) are available
Programming / DebuggingJTAG interface for programming and in-system debugging
Voltage regulatorOptional: 3.3V Switching regulator on board

Technical data

DimensionsDIP 64 format, 27 mm x 8 mm x 82 mm (W x H x L, without pin-header, with voltage regulator)
Power SupplyAlternative: 3.3V, 5-24V, USB Powered
Temperature Range-10°C up to 85°C
Weightca. 10g


  eNet-sam7X Flyer
  eNet-sam7X Manual
  eNet-sam7X Schematic

  AT91 ISP/SAM-BA User Guide


  ARM7TDMI Technical Reference Manual
  AT91SAM7XC128-512 Datasheet
  AT45DB321D Datasheet
  DM9161AEP Datasheet
  PCF8563 Datasheet


Please note: Newer Linux kernel versions (since 2.6.34) which are used by modern Linux distributions like Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) does not support the Atmel SAM-BA protocol any more (caused by a kernel bug). For these Linux versions we offer a special Atmel SAM-BA usb driver kernel module. This driver was developed by Johan Hovold an will be probably included in one of the next mainline Linux kernel versions.

  SAM-BA Linux USB driver for Linux Kernel >= 2.6.34
  Weblink: SAM-BA 2.10 for Windows (XP, Vista, Seven editions)
  Weblink: SAM-BA 2.10 for Linux

Ordering informations

Ordering code              Description
eNet-sam7X - BasicOnly bottom side populated. Without Micro-SD slot, without USB connector and without integrated voltage regulator. External 3.3V powering is needed
eNet-sam7X - PROFully mounted with Dataflash, USB connector, with Micro-SD slot and integrated 3.3V switching voltage regulator

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SAM7 module eNet-sam7X SAM7 module eNet-sam7X top side

SAM7 module eNet-sam7X SAM7 module eNet-sam7X bottom side

ElektorLive! 2010
The eNet-sam7X module live with Nut/OS!
Meet us at the ElektorLive! Event 2010 on Saturday, 20. November 2010 at the Evoluon Eindhoven, Netherlands at the Egnite booth (booth 1.03)

Embedded Projects Journal, Issue 9, Page 20
The eNet-sam7X module in the Embedded Projects Journal!
In issue 9, page 20
we show you in a practical project how to implement a simple web-based conroling system with the eNet-sam7X module!