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Device controls via internet / smartphone

Finished parts save substantial amounts of money when developing new devices. This is particularly true when only a small number of devices is to be produced.

Why the eNet-sam7X?

A microcontroller enables web / intranet or smartphone access for your device control.

- small on the inside, huge on the inside -

(almost) everything is contained:
Voltage regulator, Ethernet-Phy, CAN, RS232, RAM, SD-Slot, USB.
Little wiring is required, and all you need to take care of is connecting your sensors and actuators.


Instead of supplying your own specific base board, you can use our developer board with a wide variety of add-on options. The developer board is a no frills PLC base board containing, e.g., an ethernet plug, USB, CAN, RS232.

The USB modules can be used to simulate keyboards, mice or access LCD displays. The eXBee-CAN module allows you to link components by radio.


Your core competence is in the device rather than the controlling or setting up the user interface?

You need additional functionality or features?
We’ll gladly support you!


Home automation, audio, video, media controls, lighting, heating, air conditioning and solar controls, devices, machines, meters etc. ...
You have always wanted to build your own little robot... ?
Eyverything is possible... (not only in the automotive industry)

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eNet-sam7X: Universal SAM7 microcontroller module with 100MBit ethernet, USB 2.0, Micro-SD Slot, RTC, Dataflash etc. in practise DIP64 format.

eNet-sam7X Webserver / Relais Demo: Schaltplan Easy: Webserver with 2 Relais