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From start to finish

Our clients have been relying on our experience as development partners for many years. We have advised clients from a variety of sectors, and our development team professionally complements their respective application know-how.

We support you throughout the entire product life cycle - starting with engineering your requirements to specifying a project/product up to the test phase, operation, maintenance and future versioning.

Open Source

The application of open source technologies represents an increasing market share regarding industrial production. A multitude of decisions need to be taken to efficiently and effectively integrate the right system into the product. Although open source technologies cannot be cancelled, they require support and maintenance nonetheless. This is where we can help in all questions arising at whatever stage of the project. Open source technologies offer tremendous opportunities, which we can make available to our clients in the most comprehensive yet economical way. Requirements and target change throughout the product life cycle – and this is where we can help, too. Long after your product has been launched, our development team will be able to support you creatively, and with innovation.

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