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Ethernut5 Linux Board Support Package

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Together with Egnite GmbH, we have ported Linux to the Ethernut5 board. Embedded-IT now offers a comprehensive Linux Board Support Package for the Ethernut5 Board free of charge. It features the following properties:
  • It is based on the OpenEmbedded build system (http://www.openembedded.org), a build system specialised on Linux distributions in embedded environments. OpenEmbedded guarantees good maintainability of your systems throughout the entire life cycle of your product. The BSP is repeatable any time (and independent of individual people). OpenEmbedded adapts to any development environment and operates with a variety of version control systems.
    Openembedded integriert sich nahtlos in jede Entwicklungsumgebung und arbeitet mit diversen Versionskontrollsystemen zusammen.
  • The Angström Linux distribution is especially apt for application in embedded systems. It uses a sophisticated modular package management system, which is similar to the Debian package management. It guarantees scaleability and availability of more than 1,000 software packages.
  • Only the most modern core/kernel components are applied: - Linux kernel version 2.6.29 - U-Boot 2009.03 bootloader
It is important to us to continually update our Board Support Packages. Ongoing innovations, especially when it comes to Linux kernels, build systems and bootloaders are promptly integrated, and respective updates released. The Board Support Package consists of the following components (ported to the Ethenut5 platform):
  • AT91bootstrap loader
  • U-Boot 2009.03 bootloader
  • Linux 2.6.29 kernel
  • Angström stable Linux distribution
  • OpenEmbedded stable build system
  • Documentation
  • Comprehensive source code
The following system components are supported:
  • Basic system support (CPU, SD-RAM, UART...,full support)
  • NAND flash (full support)
  • SD / MMC-Card (full support)
  • Power management (partial support)
  • USB client (full support)
  • USB host (full support)
  • Ethernet (full support)
  • Bluetooth (USB, extern, full support)
  • WiFi (Wireless LAN) (USB, extern, full support)
  • GPRS / UMTS Modem (USB / Seriell, extern, full support)
  • GPIO (full support)
  • SPI (full support)
  • I2C (full support)

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Egnite Ethernut 5

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