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Embedded Linux
Microcontroller technology

Training, workshops, coaching

Knowledge transfer from experts to experts

Open source systems offer a variety of possibilities, but also bring on a lot of questions. Is this the reason why you are hesitant to switch to Linux? The rather complex know-how will be delivered in a compact and easy to grasp way, and in small groups. Our tailor-made coaching, seminars and workshops immediately build bridges to integrate the advantages of embedded open source technology into your projects. And we are, of course, available for any telephone support required afterwards - or via VNC.

Any qualms switching to Linux? No need for that with us!

You are an experienced MS Windows developer and are uneasy switching to Linux?
Our trainings will help you to get started. We will give you the opportunity to easily apply a system and set up a respective development environment. Once we have explained to you the concept behind the open source world, the differences between Windows and Linux will be easy to grasp. That way, initially insurmountable hurdles disappear, and a whole new world of unexpected opportunities will open up to you.

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