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Board support package eNet-sam7X
GNU ARM cross-toolchain for Windows and Linux

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We have developed a free of charge OpenSource Board Support Package for our eNet-sam7X development kit:

The BSP is based on the Ethernut System with it's embedded realtime kernel Nut/OS, an OpenSource project with an exciting history of nearly 10 years. Beside of the realtime kernel the Ethernut system provides a full-featured TCP/IP stack (Nut/NET), a posix like application programming interface (API) and a broad driver library. The eNet-sam7X starter kit base board is well supported by Nut/OS. The Nut/OS tools are available for Windows and Linux and can be compiled without problems on Mac OS as well.

Nut/OS is licensed under a BSD style license and can therefor be freely used in closed-source applications as well as for OpenSource projects without the need to release and source code. Have you ever searched for a free operating system for you appliance? Here you go...

GNU ARM cross compiler toolchain for Windows and Linux

You will need a cross-compiler for developing your own software for the board. With the arm-eCross-eabi toolchain we provide you a free and OpenSource GNU ARM EBAI toolchain for Windows and Linux. The arm-eCross-eabi toolchain is based on the Yagarto toolchain and provides recent versions of the GNU ARM C compilers (arm-none-eabi-gcc / arm-eCross-eabi-gcc), the GNU ARM debugger (arm-none-eabi-gdb / arm-eCross-eabi-gdb) as well as recent versions of the Binutils and the Newlib standard C-library (libc). The toolchain will be updated on a regular base to always support the most recent compiler features. For example the current Linux version provides you link time optimization (LTO) and the new GOLD linker.

More information about our arm-eCross-eabi toolchain you will find on the eCross page.

Our Board Support Package contains only the most recent core components:

  • Operating Systme: Ethernut (Nut/OS) Version 4.9.10
  • Toolchain: GCC 4.5.1, Binutils 2.21, GDB 7.2, Newlib 1.19.0

It is important to us to continually update our Board Support Packages. Ongoing innovations, especially when it comes to the Nut/OS system, the GNU ARM compiler etc. will be promptly integrated, and respective updates released.


  Sample application: Web controled switch inc. schematics, sourcecode and binaries.
  Sample application: Intel 8080 CP/M emulator for ARM microcontroller


  ARM eCross EABI Toolchain for Windows and Linux
  Nut/OS (SVN Snapshot 2011-07-21), Precompiled with sample applications and full source code
  Nut/OS (SVN Snapshot 2011-06-22), Precompiled with sample applications and full source code

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eNet-sam7X developer board eNet-sam7X developer board

Embedded Projects Journal, Issue 9, Page 20
The eNet-sam7X module in the Embedded Projects Journal!
In issue 9, page 20
we show you in a practical project how to implement a simple web-based conroling system with the eNet-sam7X module!