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Electronics design

Often enough client specific hardware solutions are required where products off the shelf are too complex, too special or too universal. In any case, they rarely fit your application purpose.

We bridge exactly this gap and offer you a comprehensive portfolio of development services:

  • Tailor-made development of electronic devices and end products
  • Electronics Design
  • Embedded systems solutions based on Nut/OS and Linux
  • Ethernet integration
  • Real-time, network, driver and application development
  • Measuring, control and regulation technology
  • Automation technology

Equipped with state-of-the art technology to develop prototypes, we can apply our longstanding experience regarding high-end hard and software solutions to your embedded systems development requirements. We can also support your microcontroller development plans.

An early integration of our expertise, i.e. at the planning stage, will streamline your production development process: It is often the minor design differences at a later stage, which impact greatly on project progress and costs. Project cycles and development periods will be shorter.

Our strength is one-stop-shop hard- and software development.

Accordingly, our expert team is particularly skilled in:

  • Hard- und software
  • Processor / microcontroller platforms:
    • ARM
    • AVR
    • AVR32
    • PIC
    • a.o.
  • Bootloader development
  • Linux kernel / driver development
  • Nut/OS kernel / driver development
  • Development of Linux, Nut/OS and other
    RTOS based embedded applications
  • Embedded web services
  • Porting of existing drivers and applications to your system

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Relais unit with Can-Bus,
8 relais, 2 inputs, RS422/485/232

8 x 4-20mA D/A output
8 x 4-20mA D/A output, RS 232 interface; frontside

8 x 4-20mA D/A output
8 x 4-20mA D/A output; backside