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Embedded Linux
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Embedded Linux

Today, embedded systems are widely used in industrial environments. They have even conquered the consumer markets. Only a few years ago, embedded systems had to be laboriously programmed in Assembler and seldom had an operating system. With regards to embedded applications, Linux is gaining ground as an operating system. Even on simpler microcontrollers, an excellent performance and lean Linux derivates (µCLinux) offer features such as device drivers, multithreading and a file system as well as sophisticated network solutions like data bases, web server, firewalls etc.

Our services:

  • Comprehensive industrial experience
  • Know-how of a variety of embedded systems platforms and microcontrollers
  • An expert team for Linux and µCLinux developments
  • Consulting for OpenSource licensing and with regard to a „clear-cut” distinction between open and closed source
  • Development and integration of flexible, secure update concepts
  • Hardware-oriented driver development and porting of complex Linux environments
  • Client-specific project documentation
  • Client-specific distribution and Board Support Packages

Why Linux on embedded systems:

  • Stability (Linux has been setting new standards for embedded systems)
  • Quality (Linux follows the established Unix architecture)
  • Openness (Open Source, i.e. the complete source code is available)
  • Transparency and flexibility (Linux is an open and transparent system throughout. There are no hidden details or proprietary components, protocols or file formats.)
  • Sustainability (upgrades are not compulsory, there is no validity limit for file formats and network protocols)
  • Scaleability (runs on a variety of computer architectures from watches, PDAs and PCs to the super computer)
  • Customer friendliness (Linux development primarily satisfies user needs)
  • Freedom, independence (Linux belongs to “the whole world")
  • Security (well thought-out rights system, memory protection etc.)
  • Favourable price (no licensing costs; only one-off set up costs)
  • Tools like the OpenEmbedded build system to set up embedded Linux distribution can be used free of licensing charges


Embedded Linux offers support for almost all known 32Bit and 64Bit processor platforms. Also microcontrollers without Memory Management Unit (MMU) are supported by µCLinux. We support our clients with wide-ranging know-how of the following processor platforms:
  • x86
  • ARM
  • AVR32
  • Blackfin
  • MIPS
  • PowerPC

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