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Our Board Support Packages

Our aim is to pave the way for a smooth implementation of your product development. Therefore, we develop individually designed embedded Linux Board Support Packages for your hardware. You define the requirements, and we offer the solution. There will be no need for you to worry about such details as toolchain, bootloader, image generation or the set up of a certain development environment. The Board Support Package enables you to directly start your development process, and access a huge software development library.

Moreover, there is a choice of sample BSPs for widely used reference designs and evaluation boards. All our Board Support Packages feature the following:

  • state-of-the-art components
  • OpenEmbedded build system
  • Choice of 6000 software packages. Tailor-made packages can be added.
  • Package management based on the opkg package manager and allows separate updates of individual modules
  • The OpenEmbedded system comes with a licence documentation and list
  • Seamless integration of your own software repositories
  • Software integration and Linux distribution according to your requirements

Apart from supporting you with regard to our Board Support Packages, we can help you throughout the entire product life cycle with expert development support.

Open source BSPs free of charge

In cooperation with Egnite GmbH, we offer a comprehensive Linux Board Support Package for the Ethernut5 Board free of charge. A BSP for the Keith&Koep Trizeps VI und iPAN-7 boards will be available shortly. Please see the link on your right.

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Egnite Ethernut 5
Egnite Ethernut 5

Trizeps IV & iPAN-7
Keith&Koep Trizeps VI & iPAN-7

eNet-sam7X developer board eNet-sam7X developer board

Linux Tux
open source