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eNet-sam7X Development Kit

The eNet development board is the perfect addition to our SAM7 module eNet-sam7X. All important module signals are available on pin headers. The intelligent module bus allows the easy extension of the development board with further expansion modules (e.g. relays, sensors, analog and digital I/O) and own hardware extensions.

All relevant interfaces of the SAM7 CPU are available on connectors directly on the base board. The integrated USB JTAG interface allows easy programming and debugging of the eNet-sam7X module using the USB interface.

Shorten your time-to-market for your own projects by directly entering software development instead on waiting for your own hardware prototypes. The supplied board support package contains everything you need to directly start development. GNU GCC arm-elf toolchain, Nut/OS operating system and libraries as well as numerous easy to understand sample applications from a simple multi-tasking example up to a full featured embedded webserver.


USB 2.0 connector
10/100 MBit Ethernet connector with auto MDIX
CAN bus tranceiver (CAN 2.0B) and interface
RS232 with RTS/CTS support
SD/MMC socket
Connector for I/O signals (SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, Analog in, etc...)
Integrated USB JTAG interface and USB->RS232 converter (debug UART) for in-system programming and debugging
Power Supply: 5-24V
3.3V Backup battery for the RTC

Technical Data

Dimensions100 mm x 100 mm (W x L)
Power Supply5-24V
Temperature Range-10°C bis 85°C


  eNet-PLC Baseboard Flyer
  eNet-PLC Baseboard Manual
  eNet-PLC Baseboard Schematics
  eNet-PLC Baseboard assembly drawing

  eNet-sam7X Flyer
  eNet-sam7X Manual
  eNet-sam7X Schematics

  AT91 ISP/SAM-BA User Guide


  ARM7TDMI Technical Reference Manual
  AT91SAM7XC128-512 Datasheet
  AT45DB321D Datasheet
  DM9161AEP Datasheet
  PCF8563 Datasheet


  eNet-PLC USB JTAG / Debug Port, Windows Driver (FTDI)
  eNet-PLC USB JTAG OpenOCD Interface configuration file (Windows / Linux)

  Weblink: SAM-BA 2.10 for Windows (XP, Vista, Seven editions)
  Weblink: SAM-BA 2.10 for Linux

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eNet-sam7X developer board eNet-sam7X developer board

SAM7 module eNet-sam7X SAM7 module eNet-sam7X top side

SAM7 module eNet-sam7X SAM7 module eNet-sam7X bottom side

Embedded Projects Journal, Heft 9, Seite 20
Das eNet-sam7X Modul im Embedded Projects Journal!
In Heft 9, Seite 20
zeigen wir in einem praxis bezognen Artikel, wie einfach Web-basiertes Messen, Steuerung und Regeln mit dem eNet-sam7X ist!