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eUSB-LCD - USB LCD Terminal module

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The uUSB-LCD module is an universal USB terminal for alphanumeric dot-matrix LCD modules with HD44780 compatible LCD controller. On PC side the module provides a virtual COM port and the integrated terminal emulation allows you an easy control of the LCD from your application code. Beside this the uUSB-LCD module can be programmed with custom firmware as well. The integrated VT52 / VT100 terminal emulation allows you easy control of the LCD from your application. Beside that, the module can be freely programmed with custom firmware extensions.

The module can be connected with most industrial standard HD44780 compatible LCD modules through pin headers or ribbon cable. A direct mounting on the LCD module is possible and the module will provide the power supply for the LCD module and its backlight. LCD contast and backlight can be controlled by software.

The board can be used stand-alone together with the LCD module. PC connection is done via the integrated Mini-USB connctor.

The used AT90USB162 microconroller can be freely programmed and allows you to implement custom firmware extensions (e.G. support for graphical LCDs). The module provides 11 I/O signals and a PWM signal to control the LCD module. These signals can also be used for other control tasks as well.

Powerfull Open Source software libraries are available for free and allows you an easy software development.


CPUAtmel AVR USB: AT90USB162-16AU, up to 16 Mhz
Memory16K Flash, 512 Byte RAM, 512 Byte EEPROM
USBUSB 2.0 device, Mini USB connector on board (full-speed)
I/O11 I/O and one PWM signal
BootloaderIntegrated USB DFU bootloader
ProgrammingProgramming using USB (e.g. with Atmel FLIP tool)

Technical data

DimensionsDIP 40 Format, 18 mm x 8 mm x 42 mm (W x H x L, Without pin headers)
Power supply5V USB Powered
Temperature Range-10°C bis 85°C
Weightca. 5g


  AT90USB162-16AU Datasheet


  Weblink: LUFA Library (Open Source Library - USB Stack for AT90USB microcontrollers)
  Weblink: Atmel FLIP Programmer (USB programmer software)
  Weblink: DFU Programmer (Open Source USB Programmer software)

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eUSB-LCD: AT90USB based USB LCD terminal for alphanumeric dot-matrix LCD modules