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AT90USB162 Microcontroller module eUSB-162

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The eUSB-162 module was designed as easy to use AT90USB development platform and provides a time and cost saving integration of an USB 2.0 interface together with a powerfull microcontroller into you project.
The board can be integrated directly integrated into your design as drop-in module and offers you an easy communication with a PC using differen USB protocolls like e.g. CDC-ACM (serial), HIS (mouse, keyboard, joystick, touch-screen etc) and lots more. With the integrated peripherals of the microcontroller (like I2C, SPI, analog comperator, PWM etc) the board can be used as stand alone control unit or data logger.

The module is designed as 40 pin DIP module which allows easy usage in every application. All unused processor signals are available at pin headers and may be used freely.

The board can be used stand-alone as well. Integrated LEDs and push-buttons allows you an easy start into development without the need of an base board.

Powerfull Open Source software libraries are available for free and allows you an easy software development.


CPUAtmel AVR USB: AT90USB162-16AU, up to 16 Mhz
Memory16K Flash, 512 Byte RAM, 512 Byte EEPROM
USBUSB 2.0 device, Mini USB connector on board (full-speed), extern USB connector possible
USARTFlexible UART with RTS/CTS handshake, can also be used as additional SPI interface (master mode)
SPI and I2C / TWIOne SPI and I2C bus, can be used in master and slave mode
PS/2One PS2 compatible port
I/O All unused processor signals are available at pin headers and may be used freely
BootloaderIntegrated USB DFU bootloader
Programming / DebuggingDebug Wire Interface for In-System Debugging, programming using USB (e.g. with Atmel FLIP tool)

Technical data

DimensionsDIP 40 Format, 18 mm x 8 mm x 51 mm (W x H x L, Without pin headers)
Power supply3.3V externaly or 5V USB Powered
Temperature Range-10°C bis 85°C
Weightca. 5g


  AT90USB162-16AU Datasheet


  Weblink: LUFA Library (Open Source Library - USB Stack for AT90USB microcontrollers)
  Weblink: Atmel FLIP Programmer (USB programmer software)
  Weblink: DFU Programmer (Open Source USB Programmer software)

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eUSB-162: Universal AT90USB162 microcontroller module